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Last places before deportation - kleine Sperlgasse, Castellezgasse, Malzgasse

Kleine Sperlgasse 2a, Castellezgasse 35, Malzgasse 7 und 16 – These addresses in the 2nd district Leopoldstadt are practically not existent in the collective Memory of Vienna and Austria. In the topography of the Shoah of Vienna and Austria, those are central places. In 1941/42, four collective points were located at those places, where Jews were interned before deportation. Groups of 1000 People were taken in trucks to Aspangbahnhof - from February 1941 to October 1942, a total of 45 deportation Trains ran from these places to ghettos and extermination camps. The majority of Austrian Holocaust victims was sent from those four collective centers to the extermination.

The way to extermination began in the middle of the city. The exhibition "last places before deportation - Kleine Sperlgasse, Castellezgasse, Malzgasse" reconstructs and conveys these almost forgotten last places before deportation.

Curators: Monika Sommer, Heidemarie Uhl

When: November 8, 2016 to June 30, 2017

Where: Krypta im Heldendenkmal