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Viennese Synagogues: A Memory

Until their destruction in 1938, Vienna’s synagogues were an integral component of the urban architecture and culture. The virtual reconstruction gives an illuminating insight into these disappeared Viennese spaces. Most of the synagogues were built between 1890 and 1910, when the migration of Jews from the crown lands to Vienna was at its highpoint.

The architects Bob Martens and Herbert Peter have for years been reconstructing Viennese synagogues with the aid of modern computer animation, together with prominent examples from Lower Austria, other provinces, and synagogues by Viennese architects in the lands of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Apart from the presentation of these animations using the latest technology, the exhibition will also show models and original plans from the archive of the Jewish Museum Vienna that have never been on public display before.

Curators: Bob Martens, Herbert Peter in cooperation with Danielle Spera and Werner Hanak-Lettner

Where: Museum Judenplatz

When: 19 May to 17 November, 2016