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History in Stories: Points of Flight – Moving Life Stories between Europe and the Middle East

  • Jewish Museum Vienna Dorotheegasse 11 1010, Vienna Austria (map)
© JMW / Sebastian Gansrigler

© JMW / Sebastian Gansrigler

This new teaching material from presents life stories with flight and migration experiences in an exemplary way. The focus here is on the intertwining of German and Austrian history with the history of the Arab-Jewish Middle East. For this purpose, seven life stories were compiled and didactically developed through six learning modules in order to make history accessible through biographies from an individual point of view and to discuss structural-historical and political processes, identity images and different narratives. The central groups of topics are: flight and migration, as well as racism and anti-Semitism. The topics are dealt with in the context of the history of National Socialism and taking into account the consequences of historical European (Middle East) politics.

Axel Schacht, a staff member of, explains the concept underlying the new material of the intertwining historical approach and introduces the material set and its learning modules and biographies.
Hannah Landsmann adds the educational program “Flucht. Geschichte. Gegenwart (“Flight. History. The Present”), which likewise makes approaches to flight, history and the present day possible through biographies.

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