Last honor for 10,000 victims of the Shoa in Vienna – November 28, 2016

German Original:

Association wants memorial for Viennese Jews in Maly Trostinec.

Vienna - "If it was as cold as today on November 28, 1941?” a listener asks his companion at the memorial for the Austrian victims of the Shoa on Judenplatz in Vienna. Meanwhile, in the front, participants of the first “march of thousands” are reading names and ages of thousand Jewish Viennese, who were chased through the city and transported to Maly Trostinec by train on this Monday 75 years ago. All thousand were murdered in this little Belarusian village, which is today part of the capital city, Minsk. They were shot by policemen and members of the Waffen-SS or they were choked to death in mobile gas vehicles. Another nine transports from Vienna followed: “But to this day, nothing reminds us of the fact that nowhere else so many Austrians became victims of the Shoa,” said Waltraud Barton, president of the association Im-mer, which works to commemorate those events.

Nine more marches in 2017

In order to honor these 10,000 victims of the Shoa, there will be another nine marches from the former collection point at Kleine Sperlgasse 2a to the Judenplatz in 2017. A lot of students and the newly elected “Green” mayor of Vienna’s second district, Uschi Lichtenegger, attended the first march. The National Council’s October decision to build a memorial for the murdered in Maly Trostinec must not be forgotten.