SPÖ - Chief Kern Justifies Cracker Barrel – Video to Jewish Community

Der Standard, September 12, 2017

German original: http://derstandard.at/2000063958874/Kern-rechtfertigt-gegenueber-Juden-Stammtisch-Video

Statements that „I do not share and other statements that I reject profoundly“ – Federal Chancellor points to Torberg-Medal.

Vienna – Federal Chancellor and SPÖ - frontrunner Christian Kern justified his cracker barrel – video to the Jewish Community. „In the video statements are made that I do not share, as well as other statements that I reject profoundly,“ he wrote in a statement for the online-newspaper Die Jüdische. In addition, he emphasized his affinity with the Community and pointed to his Torberg-Medal.

During the election campaign, Kern staged himself as a visitor of cracker barrels. IN a video posted on Facebook he is listening to statements against Muslims and immigrants. „ I would like to make it clear that those were not my words,“ he wrote, as well as „but our democratic freedom of speech is important to me and I think us social democrats can endure to listen to opinions we do not share.“

Reference to Engagement

The Cchancellor not only pointed to the Torberg-Medal he was warded in 2013, but also to his engagement for an Eruv in Vienna, the orthodox Community, as well, as the accoubnting for the history of the railway during National Socialism. „Social democracy, too, has ist dark spots, anti-Semitic activities, which are a blemish on the proud history of social democracy,“ Kern said.                                                                                         

„This election will determine the direction of the country,“ Kern wrote in his contribution entitled „Why Jews should vote for Christian Kern.“ It is about weather we want a bigoted and anxious Austria, by splitting society and looking for scapegoats. Or weather we want a modern Austria, where everyone can fulfill his dreams and in which we live together in diversity.“