Joint Visit to the Synagogue by Federal Minister Heinz Faßman and President of the Jewish Community Vienna (IKG) Oskar Deutsch on the Occasion of Holocaust Remembrance Day

Austrian Press Agency (Press Release) - January 26, 2018

German Original:

Keep Active Remembrance Policy in Schools: calls for Appropriate Debate of National Socialism and the Holocaust.

Vienna – On the occasion of a visit of the Viennese City Temple in Vienna’s Seitenstettengasse on Holocaust Remembrance Day, together with the Presidium of the Jewish Community Vienna (IKG), Federal Minister for Education and Science Heinz Faßmann reaffirmed that „the critical debate of the crime of the Shoah, the leadership structures of the national socialists, as well as the remembrance of the resistance and those who helped the persecuted are part of Austria’s identity today. Specifically, when it comes to learning from history, a society is obliged to take a close look. An active policy of remembrance therefore has to be part of political education in Austrian schools. I cannot emphasize enough that anti-Semitism and national socialist thought have no room in our society, and we have to convey that to the next generation.”

Because of this special responsibility, the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research has been sponsoring proper debate of the era of national socialism and the Holocaust in Austrian schools via the non-profit for almost 20 years.

Since the year 2000, advanced training has been provided for Austrian teachers at the International School for Holocaust Studies in Jerusalem. In addition, numerous teaching materials have been provided, international cooperation has been initiated, and the learning- and information platform has been maintained.  Specifically, in this commemorative year numerous initiatives and activities have been planned.

„Learning from history, and specifically from the crimes of national socialism means to strengthen students in their personal commitment to a democratic society. Thus, they are enabled to actively take a stand against racism and anti-Semitism, said Faßman.