Meeting Between Deutsch and Sobotka: „Registration Out of the Question“

OTS - July 19, 2018

Vienna (OTS) July 19th, 2018 – The President of the Jewish Community Vienna (IKG), Oskar Deutsch discussed the recent questions regarding kosher and halal slaughter with the President of the National Council [the Speaker of the Austrian House of Representatives] Wolfgang Sobotka this morning.

The debate, which has been emotional and non-factual, is not in the interest of a society characterized by mutual respect. „Regarding the current debate President Oskar Deutsch and I believe that the current interpretation of existing laws are sufficient. Religious topics are ill-suited to be mined for political capital. It is clear that registration of consumers of kosher meat is in no way compatible with the freedom of religion and therefore has to be ruled out. I also appeal to everyone involved to discuss this matter in a factual manner,“ Sobotka said.

The Jewish Community strictly adheres to existing laws, as Oskar Deutsch emphasized after the discussion. Kosher slaughter was last regulated in 2004 – in consensus with animal welfare activists, veterinarians, and all parties represented in the Austrian parliament. „Factualization of the debate means that agitation against kosher slaughter is stopped. The demonization of kosher slaughter reminds of the demonization of people,“ Mr. Deutsch said. In closing, the President noted: „The Governor [of the State of Lower Austria] Johanna Mikl-Leitner, too, has clearly positioned herself in favor of religious freedom and has spoken out against the registration of consumers.“

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