Jewish Memorial Light Art in Vienna illuminated for the first time

APA, Die Presse, July 25, 2018

German Original:

The light art installation “OT“ commemorates the destroyed synagogues at 25 venues in Vienna. The first prototype was illuminated on July 24.

On the occasion of the Commemorative Year 2018, the Jewish Museum Vienna will remind of the synagogues destroyed in November 1938. As part of the project “OT”, light sculptures, illustrating a deformed Star of David placed on a 17 feet tall pole, will be installed at 25 venues in 16 districts. The first prototype was inaugurated on July 24 in the presence of Danielle Spera, director of the museum.

The initial activation next to the Municipal Department 33 (MA 33), responsible for the public lighting infrastructure in Vienna and declared partner of the project, also marks a trial run for the entire memorial project, whose actual opening is scheduled for November in remembrance of progroms on November 9, 1938. During that night, a series of progroms unleashed by the Nazi leaders caused the death of at least 27 Jews, dozens injured, plundered and vandalized businesses and the destruction of almost all one hundred synagogues – except the Jewish City Temple.

QR code visualizes synagogue

The purpose of the project “OT“ – Hebrew for sign or symbol – is to make those vanished venues visible again after 80 years. The light art sculpture was created by the artist Lukas Maria Kaufmann. Information about the different locations comes along with QR codes, which bring the synagogues back to life in a visualized form.

The project will be financed by the Commemorative Year Fund, the National Fund and the KÖR (Art in Public Spaces) among others. Each venue hosts a sculpture worth around $5,800, while overall costs, including for the installation, amount to $40,000.