Bierlein and Schallenberg: Shana Tova!

Austrian Federal Chancellery, September 19, 2019

German original:

Reception at the Austrian Federal Chancellery on the occasion of the Jewish New Year

“Rosh Hashanah is a time of retrospection and prospect, a time when actions are considered and weighed. This way, a glance at the future is risked and future ways are being prepared, “ said Federal Chancellor Brigitte Bierlein during a reception with the Jewish Community on the occasion of the Jewish New Year at the Federal Chancellery. This is also an occasion to move the joys, the wishes, but also the grievances of the Jewish Community center stage and to prepare good things in the future in the spirit of Rosh Hashanah.

The Federal Chancellor and Federal Minister Alexander Schallenberg emphasized the importance of continued mutual discussions. „Mutual dialogue is fundamental for all of society, and in particular for our youth in order to promote knowledge, openness, but also vigilance. This must be a concern for all democratic institutions and members of our society,“ Bierlein said.

In his speech, Federal Minister Schallenberg emphasized that „Judaism is inseparably connected to our history, our intellectual lives, our culture, and simply with us being Austrians. The safeguarding of Jewish life in Austria and in Europe is therefore indispensable and non-negotiable!“ Schallenberg pointed out the EU Council declaration on the fight against antisemitism and the development of a common security approach to better protect Jewish communities and institutions in Europe, which was unanimously adopted under the Austrian Presidency of the EU Council in 2018, and assured that „Austria will actively engage in future processes on the EU-level.“

Federal Chancellor Bierlein and Federal Minister Schallenberg thanked the guests for attending, and specifically the Ambassador of Israel to Austria, for their tireless bilateral efforts: „We are looking forward to a personal exchange of views, to continued, close cooperation, and we sincerely wish you a good and a sweet new year 5780. Shana Tova!“