Austrian Teachers Travel to Yad Vashem

Austrian Press Agency (03/16/2010)

Seminar project with Holocaust memorial is being continued

 Vienna/Jerusalem –Seminars for Austrian teachers held in the Israeli Holocaust Memorial site, Yad Vashem, which have been conducted over the past ten years are being continued. Minister for Education Claudia Schmied signed an agreement during her visit to Israel. Since fall of 2000 until August 2009, a total of 358 Austrian teachers have participated in cooperation with Yad Vashem.

“Generations of students have profited from the impression and knowledge gained by teachers,” exclaimed the Minister for Education in a press release. The seminars last thirteen days - including one weekend prior and one weekend following – and serve as required preparation before the teachers embark on their trip. They consist of historical lectures and workshops, introduced by educational material, as well as opportunity for participants to speak with survivors of the Shoah.

 For those interested in detailed information on Austria’s program on Holocaust Education, see: