“Garden of Religions:” Focusing on Current Jewish-Christian Relations

Austrian Press Agency (APA) (04/27/10)

Exhibition depicts a transformation in relations and ongoing conflict

Horn – The focus of this year’s exhibition in the Benedictine Monastery in Altenburg bei Horn, “Garden of Religions” depicts current-day Jewish-Christian relations. The exhibition, “Separate – Together. Christians and Jews: Transformation of Relations,” opened end of April and will run until November 1. Its purpose is to remind one of the “rich spiritual heritage,” while at the same time expressing the differences in religious confessions,” explained chief abbot Christian Haidinger.

The goal is to promote “mutual recognition and respect” and to “reflect on the history of guilt committed by the church.” Not only the Church but also its visitors are to examine their attitude toward the Jewish people and draw necessary conclusions. Without introducing living-day Judaism, there can be no accessibility to Christian belief,” said Marin Jäggle, Catholic vice president of the coordinating committee for Christian-Jewish cooperation.

Starting from the pair of opposites, “Christian Church and Synagogue,” the exhibition sheds light on current-day relations between the two religious confessions. Together with examples taken from the Bible and ecclesiastical statements, ongoing conflicts involving the current positioning of Judaism within the Catholic Church become subject of discussion.

More information, see. http://www.stift-altenburg