European Council Adopts Recommendation For Fight Against Anti-Semitism

Austrian Press Agency (09/20/04)

No public funds for anti-Semitic organizations

Strasbourg/Brussels - The European Council’s Commission against racism and intolerance adopted recommendations to the governments of the member states for the fight against anti-Semitism. The governments of the European Council’s members should see to it that, according to law, organizations and parties which support anti-Semitism receive no public funding. Such organizations should lawfully be able to be dissolved, states the recommendation.

Applying to all countries of the European Council, people who deny or trirvialize the Holocaust should be punished. Anti-Semitism must also be tracked on the internet, on satellite television and "other modern means of communication." Police, lawyers and judges should be specifically trained to recognize crimes of an anti-Semitic nature. Victims of anti-Semitic assaults should be encouraged to file a report so that the case can be pursued. Educational programs against racism should be developed in all of the schools. For further information, see: