One Thousand Euros for Each Victim

Die Presse (09/09/04)

The National Fund will Compensate Those Who Lost Rental Property with 1,000 Euros Each

Vienna - The curators of the National Fund cleared the way for an additional payment in the amount of 1,000 Euro to be paid out to each victim of the National Socialist regime. In 2001 the Fund declared a sum of 150 million dollars to be paid out as compensation for the loss of rental property and personal effects. About 20,000 claimants received 7,000 dollars each. Out of the 21 million dollars remaining, each claimant will receive an additional 1,000 Euro.

Hannah Lessing, Secretary General of the National Fund, will begin disbursing the payments this year. It will not be necessary to submit an application. All claimants or heirs of claimants will be contacted through correspondence. According to Lessing, her colleagues from the Fund will try to give the oldest claimants preference when processing payments.