Dear Readers,

June, 2006

Six months have passed since you received the last issue of this newsletter. The trials and tribulations of Austria’s six-month Presidency of the European Union have unfortunately kept us very busy and have distracted us from our editorial tasks. But we hope to make good on the delay by offering you a wide array of articles spanning six months on cultural, historical and political topics.

For those who plan a visit to Vienna, don’t forget to take along the list of restaurants, bookstores and shops. You will also find an extensive article on the lifestyle of Vienna’s young Jewish community in this issue, and we have included three personal stories: a profile of the last living member of the legendary Viennese Psychoanalytical Institute; a recent research project on a famous cabaret artist, and an interview with a man who escaped the Holocaust by jumping off a train and slipping from arrest for seven years.

Read about the initiative of some Austrian school children, commemorating the victims of National Socialism by placing flowers in front of their former homes; and the creation of the largest archive of a Jewish community in the world. You will also find a report on the General Assembly of the European Jewish Congress in Vienna, and a statement on Austria’s restitution efforts by President Clinton’s Special Representative on Holocaust era-issues.

Last but not least, I would like to bid farewell to you and thank you for your interest in this newsletter. My family and I will be moving back to Austria in the fall, and I am confident that my successor will continue the tradition of this circular newsletter.

Yours sincerely,

Christoph Meran
Austrian Press and Information Service