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Republic of Austria’s National Fund Makes Database on Art Objects Available
October 16, 2006

The National Fund’s art database contains information on objects of art and of cultural value which are currently held in museums and collections by the Republic of Austria or the City of Vienna and which, according to most recent provenance research, may have been expropriated during the NS era. Making the art database available to the public was a cooperative effort of Austrian provenance research and the museums concerned. The measure aims at clarifying whether and to whom the objects should be restituted. Next to each art object entered is information as to its restitution status.

According to Austrian law, works of art which were confiscated in Austria during the NS regime shall be returned to the original owners or to their legal successors. By providing a database on art objects over the internet, the National Fund hopes to allow for objects which qualify for restitution to be identified before they are to be sold.

The English version of the art database will be made available in Spring 2007.