Austrian Future Fund and Scholarship Foundation

When the Austrian Reconciliation Fund concluded its work at the end of 2005 - having disbursed payments to 132,000 former forced laborers during the NS regime - two new institutions were created and funded with the remaining money: A Scholarship Foundation and the Future Fund.
The Scholarship Foundation
This fund promotes programs that offer scholarships to persons from those countries whose citizens suffered particularly from having been recruited as forced laborers during the NS regime. The program, however, is directed not only toward those persons alone, but also toward descendants of forced laborers, who may be living in other countries scattered throughout the world.
All areas of education - degree programs, vocational training, continuing education and advanced professional education - apply. Apart from professional or technical training, scholarship holders will also receive information on corresponding entitlements Austria will offer under the compensation program. Scholarship recipients will, thus, come to serve as “Diplomats of Reconciliation” in their respective home countries.

The Future Fund
The Future Fund has been established for the purpose of supporting projects in remembrance of NS victims and of the threat posed by totalitarian systems and despotism. Its goal is also to promote international humanitarian cooperation, respect for human rights and tolerance. All research work and projects falling within any of these areas are being fostered by the Future Fund.
The Fund has also been entrusted with processing claims that were filed with the Austrian Reconciliation Fund (application deadline of which was December 31, 2003), but have not yet been settled.