Ten Dollars in My Pocket

Ten Dollars in My Pocket is both an American success story and a description of the painful maturation process of a belated teenager, once on the verge of suicide, trying to discover who and where she is. This account is unique because of the authenticity of its narrative voice. We read diary entries and letters written during those years, as well as several eyewitness accounts published by the author at that time. This kaleidoscope of factual information is complemented by the author´s recollections and reflections.

“Now the Jews are Gone”

The pictures are uncannily modern when Eva Testor’s camera whizzes through the enormous city chasms of New York: This metropolis doesn’t remain anonymous because a few cuts later Rosalie, born in Vienna, sits together with her Ecuadorian hairdresser, Michael, and talks about people they know and foreigners in general. She is one of Vienna’s eight ‘lost daughters,’ whom film director, Mirjam Unger, tracked down in the New World. The recipe is familiar: Many local documentaries have focused on people who were forced to flee from NS terror. There is also the question hanging over Unger’s solid work: What if these women had stayed?

Austrian Chamber of Commerce: Trade relations with Israel are Booming

“The bilateral trade relations between Austria and Israel had been strong in the past but intensified significantly last year,” said the President of the Economic Chamber Austria (WKÖ), Christoph Leitl, at the ceremony staged for the President of the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, Uriel Lynn, who received the Grand Golden Award of Honour for Meritorious Service to the Republic of Austria. His untiring efforts in promoting bilateral trade relations made a decisive contribution to the 15% increase in Austrian exports to Israel as well as Israeli exports to Austria in 2006, stressed Leitl.

Farewell to Mayor of Jerusalem Legendary Teddy Kollek

State Secretary for the Arts and Media Morak at the state funeral of former Austrian “bridge builder” on Herzlberg

Jerusalem – The legendary, former Mayor of Jerusalem, Teddy Kollek was laid to rest Thursday on Herzlberg in Jerusalem during a state funeral. Apart from Kollek’s family, participating at the ceremony were State President Moshe Katzav, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as well as numerous ministers. Austria was represented by State Secretary for the Arts and Media Franz Morak and Germany by President of Parliament Norbert Lammert.

Universal Artist Gerhard Bronner Was the “Conscience of Austria”

Cabaret artist, composer and writer Gerhard Bronner from Vienna died at age 84 in a hospital in Vienna on January 19, 2007 after having suffered a stroke a few days earlier. He had a decisive impact on Vienna’s musical cabaret during the post-war period. On New Year’s Eve he still performed at Theater Akzent in Vienna, presenting a mix of famous cabaret songs, such as “Der G’schupfte Ferdl“ or “Der Papa Wird’s Schon Richten“ (previously interpreted by Helmut Qualtinger as one of the heavyweights of this genre).