Vienna’s Jewish Museum Exhibits Sensational Archive Discovery

Der Standard (07/03/2007)

New insight into the Holocaust: Documents missing over decades can be viewed for the first time within the framework of the exhibit, “Ordnung Muss Sein.”

The discovery in Year 2000 is Causing a Sensation
The exhibition in cooperation with the Jewish Community of Vienna (IKG) and the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People in Jerusalem displays materials for the first time which go back to the sensational discovery of an archive in year 2000. At that time significant acts and documents were found in an abandoned building in Vienna belonging to the IKG, containing a dozen index cards, books and some 800 cardboard boxes.

New Insights into the Holocaust

The archival holdings confirm the 300 year-old history of a Jewish community from their beginning until the post-Holocaust period. Based on historical documents, the exhibition reveals essential aspects of the history of Vienna’s Jewish community. Moreover, it is concerned with the question of the archive as a place of memory. Numerous exhibits, among them deportation lists, warrants, pleas as well as hand-produced graphic material - such as running statistics on deaths and births of Jews in Vienna (from 1938 to 1941) - offer information on the fate of the IKG, forced during the NS era to organize emigration and deportation based upon their own documentation.