NS Suspects: Berger Doesn’t Exclude Further Rewards

Austrian Press Agency (07/12/2007)

“Should we receive concrete proof, we are prepared”

Vienna – Minister of Justice Maria Berger doesn’t exclude offering additional rewards for information leading to the capture of alleged NS criminals still at large. “Should we receive concrete proof, we are prepared to offer further incentives” she said on Friday in a side note before journalists at the reopening of the Palace of Justice. Berger emphasized that the search for the former concentration camp doctor, Aribert Heim, and former SS official, Alois Brunner, is very important to her personally.

“I strongly wish to take action by using the opportunities available to us as a Ministry of Justice,” said Berger. This is important as long as the two men sought are still alive, and there is reason to believe that they are. Heim was last sighted in South America. It could not be said as to the extent of the crimes Heim and Brunner are suspected of: “More research is necessary.” She also didn’t wish to judge whether enough has been done after the war in regards to the search. “It is very important to me that this step be taken.”

Berger also emphasized that the reward of 50,000 euros for relevant clues which could lead to arresting the two fugitives will only be paid to private persons. Moreover, the Minister of Justice wants to up-date relevant laws in accordance with EU standards. In complying with the anti-racism framework resolution, not only will denying the Holocaust but also denying international crime classified as genocide be punishable in the future.