Positive First Year For The Republic Of Austria's Future Fund

Klasnic: 80 projects amounting to a total of approx. 2.5 million euros

Vienna, 9 March 2007 –  Taking stock at a press conference, the Chairman of the Board of the Republic of Austria’s Future Fund, former Provincial Governor Waltraud Klasnic, and the Fund’s Secretary General, Ambassador Dr. Richard Wotava, submitted a positive report on the Fund’s first year of activities.

“So far we have processed 120 project applications, 80 of which have been approved, amounting to a total of 2.5 million euros,” said the Chairman of the Board. The Future Fund, which is financed from funds left over after the former Austrian Reconciliation Fund was dissolved, is in a position to support projects of up to 2 million euros annually,” said Secretary General Wotava.

Most of the projects approved deal with the Nazi regime and its consequences, but there were also interesting projects on other totalitarian regimes, emphasised Klasnic.

The Chairman drew special attention to the efficient, swift and unbureaucratic work of the members of the Board and of the Project Promotion Council who all work on an honorary basis, volunteering a considerable part of their leisure time to study the sometimes very extensive project documentation.

Wotava explained that the meetings of the two bodies are held jointly every month, while as a rule the Board takes its decisions on the applications within three months of their submission.

“On account of the varied and interesting projects and the excellent working climate in the Fund I am looking forward to my future activities as Chairman of the Future Fund’s Board,” concluded Klasnic.

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