University of Vienna: Conference On History And Culture Of Viennese Jews

From 19 to 22 March 2007 the conference “Vienna and the Jewish Experience. 1900-1938. Acculturation, Anti-Semitism, Zionism” organised by the Department of Contemporary History of the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies of the University of Vienna will take place. The aim of the conference is to inform the general public about the current state of research and cultural studies.

The venues of the conference are Vienna’s town hall, the University of Vienna, the Jewish Museum of the City of Vienna as well as the Metro cinema run by the Austrian Film Archives. Scholars and artists invite to lectures, film screenings and readings. The opening statement is given by author Steven Beller in the framework of the “Vienna Lectures” on 19 March 2007. Beller wrote several books on Austrian and Jewish history and lives in Washington.

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