WKÖ: Austrian Trade Relations With Israel Are Booming

“The bilateral trade relations between Austria and Israel had been on a high level in the past but intensified significantly last year”, said the President of the Economic Chamber Austria (WKÖ), Christoph Leitl, at the ceremony staged for the President of the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, Uriel Lynn, who received the Grand Golden Badge of Honour for Meritorious Service to the Republic of Austria. His untiring efforts in promoting the bilateral trade relations made a decisive contribution to the 15% increase of Austrian exports to Israel as well as Israeli exports to Austria in 2006, stressed Leitl.

Austria’s most important export goods are machinery, vehicles, IT hardware, industrial equipment, car components, pharmaceutical products, chemicals as well as food. Austria imported mainly communication devices, electrical appliances, measuring and control devices, vegetables and fruit from Israel. Great opportunities could arise from the modernisation and further development of Israel’s infra-structure, e.g. road and railway construction, the enlargement of seaports and airports.

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