Presentation of a New Book: “1938: Address Servitengasse“

Austrian Press Agency (APA), OTS (12/04/2007)

Vienna –A book entitled, “1938: Address Servitengasse (A Neighborhood in Search of Traces)” was introduced during a presentation given at the Sigmund Freud Museum located in the Berggasse 19 in Vienna. Head of the 9th district, Martina Malyar, was present at the book presentation. The publication focuses on efforts made by a citizen initiative which is involved with the fate of expelled Jewish residents once having lived in the Servitengasse and wants to keep the memory of the victims of National Socialism alive. The event is open to the public at no charge.

Ninth District’s Museum Supports the “Remembrance Project”

Editors of the book are Birgit Johler and Maria Fritsche, and it appears under “Mandelbaum Publishers” (ISBN: 978 385 476-233-1) and costs 19.90 Euros. The group, “Servitengasse 1938” looks into the fate of of “missing neighbors” who disappeared during the NS era. The book, “1938: Address Servitengasse” will be published within the framework of a “Remembrance Project” divided into several parts. The committed working group is cooperating with the “Agenda 21 am Alsergrund.” Leading supporter of the project is the District Museum of Alsergrund, also with the research. For more detailed information, the district’s historians who have volunteered to work on the project can be reached at: