1.   Current Events, Symposia and Cultural News
•    Austria Commemorates 70th Anniversary of the “Anschluss” (Austrian Federal Chancellery)
•    School Children Receive Holocaust Survivors at Heldenplatz (Austrian Press Agency)
•    Profuse Words and Silent Remembrance (Der Standard)
•    Commemorating the Liberation of Mauthausen concentration camp (Austrian Federal Chancellery)
•    Government Announces Wiesenthal Center (Der Standard)
•    State Secretary Hans Winkler on Austria’s Assuming the Chairmanship of the International Holocaust Task Force(Austrian Foreign Ministry)
•    In Remembrance of the Children’s Rescue Operation) (Profil)
•    “Only one Photo! Only a Photo!” (Die Presse)
•    “Listen, Israel“ in Burgenland during Roman Times (Die Presse)
•    The Expulsion of the Intellectuals (Profil)
•    Sports Center Hakoah: Coming Home After Seventy Years (Der Standard)
•    From Feeling Ashamed to Loving Vienna (Die Presse) An Enthusiastic Admirer of the Führer (Die Presse)
•    A Contemporary Witness for All Alike (Die Presse)
•    Berggasse 19, Salzgries 16: It’s All about Freud! (Die Presse)
•    The Vienna Project on Austrian Jews in Buenos Aires (Austrian Press Agency)

2.   Publications, Books
•    Vienna Lectures and Book Remember “Annihilation of the Intellect” (Austrian Press Agency)
•    “Expedition from Herzl to Hakoah” (Der Standard)

3.    Restitution
•    Amendment to Restitution Law to be Adopted Before Summer (Austrian Federal  Chancellery)
•     “Clearly Stolen Art!” (Die Presse)

4.    Austrian – Israeli Relations
•    Austria and Israel Strengthen Research Cooperation (Austrian Federal  Chancellery)
•    Foreign Minister on 60th Anniversary of the Foundation of the State of Israel (Austrian Foreign Ministry)