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In Austria, the past few months have been marked by events in observance of the Kristallnacht seventy years ago, which saw the destruction of synagogues and the ransacking of thousands of Jewish businesses and homes and marked the beginning of the Holocaust, the NS terror regime and the murdering of thousands of Austrian Jews. We present a number of articles on the numerous events that marked the remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust.

Furthermore, we are happy to provide you with a broad range of articles that were published in the Austrian media on such topics as the 15th Anniversary of the Jewish Museum Vienna, the recent inauguration of Austria’s largest Jewish school, on cultural events, symposia and recent publications, on restitution-related topics and on Federal President Fischer’s and Foreign Minister Spindelegger's recent visit to Israel.

Finally, we want to remind all readers of Jewish News from Austria that you can find actual news items, information on events, publications as well as useful links on a regular basis on our new website:
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