Current Events, Symposia and Cultural News
• Parliament commemorates November pogroms 70 years ago (Austrian Federal Chancellery)
• Vienna: Council of Europe and Holocaust Task Force will cooperate (Austrian Federal Chancellery)
• Year of Commemoration Focusing on November Pogrom in the Graz City Museum (Austrian Press Agency)
• Vienna‘s Jewish Museum Elated over 1.2 Million in Visitors in Fifteen Years (Austrian Press Agency)
• 15 years of Jewish Museum Vienna (Austrian Federal Chancellery)
• Austria’s Largest Jewish School (Die Presse)
• Seisenbacher’s Ambition, Hakoah’s Good Fortune (Der Standard)
• NS Crimes Against the „Inferior“ (Austrian Press Agency)
• Exhibition at Steinhof Reopened (Austrian Press Agency)
• Music from Theresienstadt Performed (Austrian Press Agency)
• First Chamber Music Festival Schloss Laudon (Austrian Press Agency)
• Involuntary Passage to Mauritius (Die Presse)
• Keep on Traveling, Away from Death (Die Presse)
• House of History Looks to U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum as Model (Die Presse)
• Remembrance of the NS Era in Film (Austrian Press Agency)
• Summer Cinema at Schloss Hartheim (Austrian Press Agency)
• Remembrance of the NS Era in Film (Austrian Press Agency)
• Summer Cinema at Schloss Hartheim (Austrian Press Agency)
• Jewish Welcome Service of Vienna (Austrian Press Agency)
• Visit of Expelled Jewish Citizens Austrian Press Agency)
• Poet with a Flash of Genius and Correspondence Artist (Der Standard)
• Vienna’s Central Cemetery is the Second Largest Graveyard in Europe (Der Standard)
• Some 330,000 graves containing three million dead (Austrian Press Agency)
• Vienna’s Faculty of Law Addresses the Impact of the Anschluss (Austrian Press Agency)
• MAK Exhibition, “Recollecting” The Journey from Plunder to Restitution MAK Catalogue, (Austrian Press Agency)
• RECOLLECTING” Looted Art and Resitution


• Honoring Jahoda – Prammer: Witness to Austrian History (Austrian Press Agency)
• Late homage: Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandel becomes honorary citizen of Vienna (Austrian Federal Chancellery)
• Jewish people remember their Vienna in the 20th century(Austrian Federal Chancellery)
• Campaign of the City of Vienna: free copies of book by Ruth Klüger (Austrian Federal Chancellery)
• The Impossibility of Being Kafka (Der Standard)
• Becoming Edith. The Education of a Hidden Child. Edith Mayer Cord.


• Amendment to the Art Restitution Law Being Reviewed (Austrian Press Agency)
• Dorotheum Auctions Off Restituted Amerling-Paintings from Belvedere (Austrian Press Agency)
• Jewish Community Takes Legal Action Against the Federation (Die Presse)
• Dark Figures (Profil)
• Amendment to Restitution Law to be Adopted Before Summer (Austrian Federal Chancellery)

Austrian – Israeli Relations
• Federal President Fischer pays visit to Israel and Palestinian territories (Austrian Federal Chancellery
• Heinz Fischer emphasizes joint responsibility of Austria with regard to NS-crimes (Austrian Press Agency)
• Israeli leaders meet Austrian president, discuss ties, peace talks BBC Monitoring Middle East (Jersualem Post)

Historical Portraits

• The Impossibility of Being Kafka (Der Standard)
• The Brief Life of Dr. Suess (Der Standard)