Remembrance of the NS Era in Film

Austrian Press Agency (APA) (08/21/2008)

Remembrance of the NS Era in Film
Summer Cinema at Schloss Hartheim

Four evenings shed light on the role of medicine during National Socialism and Post-war Austria

Linz – This year’s summer cinema at the “Place of Learning and Remembrance” in Schloss Hartheim in Upper Austria will dedicate its movie screenings from August 25 – 29 to the theme of medicine in NS and post-war film. Screenings of “Paracelsus” (Germany, 1942/43) and “The Murderer Among Us” (Germany, 1946) will be commented on by well-known researchers. The cinema exists since the 2005 Year of Remembrance and is organized by the association “im-fokus.”

On four separate evenings, films will be presented from the years 1939 to 1946, having medicine and the position of physicians as theme. The film will depict the diverse representation and approach taken by physicians at the time to the medical career through means of historization and heroization. The films don’t deal with NS propaganda material promoting destruction of “invaluable life;” rather, they are classical feature films, said the organizer.