Cardinal Schönborn Meets with Rabbi Schneier

Austrian Press Agency (02/06/2009)

Native Viennese rabbi is the founder and head of “Appeal of Conscience Foundation,” which strives toward achieving interreligious dialogue worldwide

Vienna – Cardinal Christoph Schönborn met with Rabbi Arthur Schneier, founder and head of “Appeal of Conscience Foundation.” The Viennese Archbishop is member of the “Appeal of Conscience Foundation,” which tries to achieve interreligious dialogue worldwide. The friendly exchange between Cardinal Schönborn and the rabbi dealt primarily with the issues of Jewish-Christian dialogue.

Rabbi Schneier has been the spiritual head of New York’s Park East Synagogue since 1962. Pope Benedict XVI was a guest of Rabbi Schneier at the Park East Synagogue during his visit to the U.S. in 2008. During the coming week, Rabbi Schneier will travel together with a large Jewish delegation to Rome for a previously long-planned visit. Pope benedict XVI will receive the delegation led by Rabbi Schneier on Thursday.