Exhibition “Places of Remembrance“ in Währing

Austrian Press Agency (01/05/2009)

Vienna. The District Museum of Währing (Vienna’s 18th district) opened its doors once again on January 8, 2009 with an elaborate historical collection and special exhibition entitled, “Places of Remembrance.” The special exhibition focuses on Jewish cemeteries in Vienna’s district of Währing as well as Altona in Hamburg. It documents different kinds of approaches to Israelite burial sites. In Hamburg the area has been renovated for a fairly long time wheras the complex in Währing is in dire condition. Impressive photos and texts emphasize the importance of cultural memorials and encourage restoration of the cemeteries in the 18th district. The exhibition, “Places of Remembrance” runs until January 25.

Booklet on “The Jewish Cemetery” Obtainable Through Donation

The exhibition provides an informative, thirty-page booklet issued by the Museum’s Association of Währing. Appearing within the framework of the published series, “Our Währing” (4th booklet, 2008, Vol. 43), it’s entitled “The Jewish Cemetery of Währing (Place of Remembrance and Memorial of a World that Has Ceased to Exist)” and is made available by donation from those interested.

The special exhibition is curated by historian Tina Walzer, who has been involved for years doing research on the Israelite cemetery in Währing. A section of the documentation was offered by the the “Foundation for the Preservation of Historic Memorials in Hamburg.” A comparision drawn between the Jewish cemetery in Vienna’s district of Wahring and that of the cemetery in Hamburg’s Altona, one recognizes a number of parallels. The graves are somewhat the same in number, and both cemeteries suffered shocking destruction during the NS era. Graves of renowned personalities can be found in both cemeteries, as for example the grave of Mendelssohn’s family in Altona and the Hofmannsthal family in Vienna. The exhibition is under the auspices of President of Vienna’s Jewish Community Ariel Muzicant. Over the past few years Tina Walzer has emphasized the importance of restoring the Jewish cemetery in Wahring within the framework of tours and various other initiatives. The honorary team of the district’s Museum of Währing supports the efforts of the historian.

For more information, see: www.bezirksmuseum.at/waehring/