Museum in Vienna’s 15th District: Lecture on the “Jewish Community on the Outskirts of the City”

Austrian Press Agency (03/12/2009)

Vienna – The district museum of Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus (Vienna 15, Rosinagasse 4, Ecke Gasgasse) extends an invitation on March 15 to a lecture by Dr. Georg Traska. Within the framework of the series, “Culture and Coffee House,” the speaker lectures on the topic, “A Jewish Community in Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus on the Outskirts of Vienna (1830 – 1939).” Following the lecture guests are allowed to pose individual questions to Dr. Traska. The listeners in the audience receive an abundance of instructive information on the origin and development of the Jewish community in the 15th district. The speaker supplements his stories with video interviews, including with Israelis who grew up in Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus.

Ostracism, Persecution and Flight during the NS Era

Museum Director Dr. Thomas Benesch greets the guests. During the course of the evening the audience hears about which parts of the monarchy the members of the Jewish community in the western sector of Vienna came from. The speaker also goes into the careers of some of these citizens and analyzes in detail the social structure of the Jewish population and the other residents of the worker’s district. Jews living in Israel having Viennese roots recall memories of past times in the video interviews. The audience is confronted with varying, often shocking memories of some of the most important places connected to community life until the ostracism, persecution and flight when the NS era began. A dark chapter of the local history is discussed on an afternoon during a relaxed atmosphere of coffee and cake. Under the motto, “On the 15th in the 15th,” the museum team of honorary volunteers organizes interesting lectures and discussion on a regular basis.