Spots of Light – To be a Woman during the Holocaust

Der Standard (02/10/2009)

The multi-media exhibition runs from April 1 – 31 in the Nestroyhof Theater

More than three hundred million women and young girls were murdered during the Holocaust. The exhibition, “spots of light,” under the curatorship of Yehudit Inbar, sheds light on the role women played during WW II. NS ideology demanded the extermination of the “entire Jewish race,” with women representing bearers of fertility within the policy of persecution. However the goal of the exhibition is not to retell the mass murder by the Nazis but rather the focus is on the reactions of Jewish women to their lives and situation during the Holocaust.

Having adapted to a patriarchal society, many women found themselves suddenly in the position of head of the family, having to provide food and secure “minimal functions of the family despite the difficult circumstances.” Women possess the ability to function, also under existential pressures,” said Inbar.