Mauthausen Memorial Site Honors Film Maker Brauner with Restrospective

Austrian Press Agency (APA) (08/17/2009) 

Linz  - Former concentration camp of Mauthausen honors film maker Artur Brauer from August 19 – 22 with a retrospective entitled, “Responsibility as Contemporary Witness.“ The ninety-one year-old survivor of NS Jewish persecution is not only well known for his productions about anti-Semitism, such as “Hitler Youth Salomon“ and “Witness from Hell,“ but also for his films on Karl May and Edgar Wallace.  

“The Last Train“ (August 19),“Babij Jar“ (August 20) and “From Hell to Hell“ (August 21) became a triology. They depict the deporation of Berlin‘s Jews, the massacre of  the Jewish population in the vicinity of Kiew and the pogrom following the liberation on July 1946 in Kielce. The film “Morituri“ will be shown on August 22, made shortly after the liberation, and takes place during the last few days of the National Socialist Regime. The films are based on true events and often include participation of survivors who recall their personal memories.