Simmering: Commemoration of Victims of National Socialism

Austrian Press Agency (APA) (04/28/2009)

Vienna – Jewish residents of the house located in Rinnböckstraße 23 were forced to flee during the NS era, were then deported, and eventually lost their lives. Recently the owners of the building erected a memorial plate in remembrance of these victims of National Socialism. Now volunteers from a group with the district’s museum in Simmering are inviting guests to take part in a commemoration at the site of the building in Rinnböckstraße 23. Head of the 11th district, Renate Angerer, will also participate. 

Accordion Player Plays “the Customs of Viennese Jews“

The Simmering Museum, together with prominent people from the district and the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism have all offered their support of the project. Apart from a representative from the National Fund, the initiator of the project, Daniel Kazan, will also be present. Virtuoso of the accordion Professor Felix Lee will play “Customs of Viennese Jews.“ Members of Simmering’s district museum are often participants in such commemorations, as for example, recently there was a presentation of the book, “Just a Small Handfull of Maccabees,“ which documents the history of the Jewish Community in Simmering from 1848 – 1945 (see: Mandelbaum Publishing,