European Jews for a Just Peace (EJJP) Against Arafat’s Eviction

Austrian Press Agency (APA) (09/16/03)

For security in the region and because the Israeli people are endangered, retaliation attacks must cease.

Vienna - The "European Jews for a Just Peace" (EJJP), an association of eighteen Jewish organizations from nine European countries, have criticized the Israeli government for having endorsed the eviction of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, calling it a "disastrous decision." It is a decision that could endanger the security of the region and that of the Israeli people, according to a broadcast of the EJJP.

Moreover, this decision makes "forming a new stable Palestinian government impossible and rules out the possibility of renewing discussions of the already damaged Road Map in the foreseeable future." Chances of further deterioration of the situation are growing and there is an escalation of violence. "For this reason we, therefore, call upon the government of Ariel Sharon to rescind the decision and to stop the violent attacks of retaliation being conducted in the entire West Bank and Gaza Strip," appealed the EJJP.

"We call upon the international community to prevent such happenings which represent a clear violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. This act should be fiercely confronted, as well as the goal of liquidation contained in the warnings issued by Israel. The EU, as member of the socalled "Middle East Quartet," has a particular responsibility to clearly speak out against this development."