Thirty Scholarships for Jewish Pupils

Kronenzeitung (11/13/03)

The Zwi Peres Chajes School of the Israelite Religious Community (IKG) in Leopoldstadt in Vienna needs some 600,000 Euros (USD 750,000) in order to assure that the Jewish children in Vienna receive a proper education. Contributions have come from private donations, also from the Kronenzeitung.

Funding comes in the form of scholarships for individual pupils whose parents are unable to pay the school fees of 3,300 Euros annually. Some 100,000 Euros, that is, thirty scholarships, have been allotted for in this manner. Also the National Bank and well-known Austrian firms like Magna have donated generously.

At a celebration whereby the donations were presented to the IKG, President Ariel Muzicant claimed: "Jewish children mean Jewish life." And Marc Uri, representing the school, said: "The scholarships help the youths to find out where they belong and not feel torn. The school guarantees us that we can continue the teachings of Judaism."