Israel’s President Katzav Visits Vienna

Austrian Press Agency (APA) lifted from Die Presse (04/19/04)

Vienna – Federal President Thomas Klestil has invited Israeli President Moshe Katzav to a statevisit in Austria beginning July, writes Die Presse. Katzav will be in Vienna on July 1 and stay two to three days. Klestil will leave office on July 8.

Die Presse writes that according to the Hofburg, the state visit is “long overdue.” After Klestil’s visit to Iran and after the official visit of the Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, it is the wish that one “round off” matters and signalize the equidistance taken to both sides regarding Middle East policies. A symposium commemorating the 100th anniversary of the death of Theodor Herzl has been postponed in order to have Katzav’s public appearance at this symposium coincide with his official visit. Originally, the Herzl Symposium should have taken place merely under the auspices of Klestil and Katzav.