Jewish Museum

April 11, 2011

The arguments presented by the Jewish Museum’s management, saying that there was no way of dissembling the holograms without destroying them in the act, were false. This will be demonstrated by the glasser company Fischer & Stiassny later this week on the basis of a model, which was manufactured specifically for this purpose.

The company Fischer & Stiassny had manufactured and assembled the holograms in 1995, the destruction of which in January of 2011 sparked international indignation. Heinz Haring, the company owner and glass expert, announced that he would demonstrate on the basis of a specially manufactured imitation of the artefacts that the holograms could in fact have been properly dissembled. His company had offered to do this prior to the incident. However, a different glasser company got the job and destroyed all of the 21 holograms when trying to dissemble them.

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