Jewish Periodicals from Austria

This list  of Jewish periodicals in Austria has been compiled by the JEWISH COMMUNITY VIENNA (IKG)

Die Gemeinde Insider
Official organ of the Jewish Community of Vienna.

WINA - Das Juedische Stadtmagazin
Magazin about Jewish urban culture, Jewish life in Vienna, Europe and beyond.

Illustrierte Neue Welt
Theodor Herzl founded the previous newspaper "Welt." The Illustrierte Neue Welt sees itself as an important link between Israel and Austria. Themes: intercultural understanding, contemporary history, politics and culture. Published 6 times / year

Topics: local history of the Jews and their cultural contributions in Austria, contemporary historical analyses and reports about Israel and other countries, literature about the numerous synagogue buildings in Austria. Published 4 times / year

Das Jüdische Echo
The magazine was founded in 1951 by Jewish students in Vienna. A cofounder, Leon Zelman, was editor-in-chief until his death in 2007. Published 1 time / year.

Nu - Jewish Magazine for Politics and Culture
Working Group of Jewish Forum. Published 4 times / year.

Mikzoa (JBBZ)
MIKZOA, newspaper of the Jewish vocational training center – JBBZ.
Information about the work and the education of JBBZ.
Published 4 times / year

ZWI Newsletter
Newsletter of the ZPC school