The righteous – Courage is a question of decision-making


When: February 13, until April 06, 2015
Where: Haus am Dom zu Klagenfurt
Domplatz 1, 9020 Klagenfurt

Yad Vashem honors people, who during the Holocaust helped Jewish citizens to survive and emigrate, as so called “Righteous among the nations.” In Cooperation with the Johannes Kepler University Linz and with academic support under the supervision of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael John, an exhibition was designed, which shows the time of the National Socialism in Austria and the persecution of the Jewish population to the point of the Holocaust. At the center of the exhibition are Austrians, who risked their lives to prevent Jewish fellow citizens from annihilation by the NS-henchmen. Yad Vashem awards these life-savers with the honorary title “Righteous among the nations.”