Claudia Roden: „The Book of Jewish Cuisine“

Source: Die Presse, September 13, 2012

A highly recommendable book, for which Claudia Roden collected Jewish recipes from all over the world.
„Is this about sheep testicles? “ - was one of the questions Claudia Roden was asked, when she told people about her project; a cookbook focusing on Middle East cuisine. The author told this anecdote while presenting her newest, German-language book. “The Book of Jewish Cuisine” is a very comprehensive and highly recommended book, which was published by Mandelbaum Verlag. For her latest work, Claudia Roden collected Jewish recipes from all over the world for a period of over ten years. 

Almost sixteen years after the publication of the book’s first edition; Margot Fischer finally dared to translate it into German. During the book presentation at the Jewish religious community, Claudia Roden, who has also received praise for her previous cookbooks including “Arabesque”, told the crowd about her work and the reactions she has received so far: “The recipes from Sarajevo, Afghanistan, from … There are about 800 recipes altogether but there could be many more. When I was in Algeria and asked for a recipe for Algerian Couscous, they asked me from which city.” There are also Viennese recipes in the book. “You will criticize them; your grandmother probably has better ones.”