Renewed call to tender for a Curation and Scientific Directorship


The National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism is seeking a team comprised of a Curator and a Scientific Director for the renewal of the Austrian national exhibition in Auschwitz. In cooperation with the Federal Chancellery, the tendering procedure has been open since 22 October 2013.

The subject of the call to tender is the development of a concept for the new Austrian exhibition in line with the latest educational methods and academic findings. In addition, a website accompanying the exhibition is to be developed together with the contracting entity.

A Curator and a Scientific Director are sought for this purpose. The Curator shall bear the overall responsibility for guiding the realization of the concept and define the fundamental idea on which the new exhibition shall be based. The Scientific Director is responsible for ensuring the quality and historical accuracy of the exhibition and for editing the academic findings to fit with the fundamental idea for the exhibition. The aim of the new exhibition is not only to provide historical information but also to provide an opportunity for individual and collective remembrance.

The main themes of the exhibition shall be the fates of Austrian victims in Auschwitz and the acts of resistance by Austrian inmates, as well as the involvement of Austrians as perpetrators and accomplices in the crimes committed there. The call to tender was first issued in May 2013 but had to be revoked due to an insufficient number of valid and qualified offers. A call to tender with improved terms for the positions of Curator and Scientific Director is now being published.

Teams wishing to apply can with immediate effect request to receive the tender document by email from Mr. FOI Ägidius WINKLER, Kl. +43 (0) 1/53115/2441 at the Federal Chancellery.

Other options for obtaining the tender document can be found at

. In this initial phase of the two-stage tender procedure, only the professional and academic qualifications and other evidence of suitability is to be provided by the applying teams not, however, the concept. Once the deadline for applications has expired, in a second stage the best five teams to apply shall be invited to present an offer (draft exhibition proposal). An expert Board of Appraisal will select the best submission. For more detailed information on the deadlines and requirements for applications, please refer to the tender document.


Inquiries regarding the tender document are to be addressed to the competent department, Federal Chancellery Department I/8. Further details in the tender document.


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