Exhibition: The Jewish Community of Frauenkirchen

Source: Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien



April 11, 2013 – October 10, 2013, exhibition focusing on the history of the Jewish community in Frauenkirchen (in German and Hungarian) at the Franziskanerkloster Frauenkirchen, Kirchenplatz 2, 7132 Frauenkirchen.

Over 250 years, a Jewish community existed in Frauenkirchen, which at times comprised a third of the total population. The Jewish Community played a key role in the ascent of Frauenkirchen to the economic center of the National Park Neusiedlersee.

The exhibition tries to emphasize the formation of the Jewish-Orthodox religious community, the religious ordinance, the economic importance of the Jewish people and their relationship with seignory and the Christian community, to assess the importance of the Jewish population for the town and the region accordingly.

A special focus of the exhibition sheds light on the end of the Jewish community. Within that part of the exhibition, the year 1938, the March events, terror, eviction, Aryanization, flight and the murder of the Jewish people of Frauenkirchen are documented and analyzed.

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