Exhibition: The Righteous - Courage is a question of decision-making

Source: Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien


Sep., 11 – Dec., 20, 2013, Museum Arbeitswelt in Steyr

Opening on Sep., 11, 2013, 7.30pm, with the rescued contemporary witness Angelica Baeumer.

Mediation programs for students starting from 8th grade during the time of exhibition. The mediation programs are combinable with the new “Stollen der Erinnerung” and the political workshop Demos.

The exhibition is shown in cooperation with the Oesterreichische Freunde von Yad Vashem.

The exhibition, which is based on the idea of Guenther and Ulrike Schuster (Oesterreichische Freunde von Yad Vashem), academically supported by Michael John (University of Linz) and Albert Lichtblau (University of Salzburg) and artistically carried out by Manfred Lindorfer in close cooperation with the Museum Arbeitswelt, deals with the theme of civil courage under the conceivably most threatening conditions of Nazi era.

In order to make this journey to a not at all distant past tangible and also to “translate” it into the contemporary everyday life, the exhibition will attempt to approach the themes of Nazi crime through this category. Civil courage is not abstract but an aspect of one’s own life, which finds expression in concrete contexts and at the same time is able to show National Socialism in its terrifying abysses.

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