The Stones of Remembrance

About the project

The "Stones of Remembrance" are a means of commemorating the victims for their great-grandchildren, grandchildren, children, and siblings.. For some people the project is the end of a process that helps them to find peace and closure. The traumas that the families have suffered cannot be healed, but our desire is to help relieve the pain as much as possible. Part of our contribution is to show that in Vienna and Austria something has changed. This means a lot to the surviving family members.

The "Stones of Remembrance:"

  • are being placed in the pavement in front of the buildings in which Jewish inhabitants lived until their displacement or death.
  • give victims of the Shoah names, a place in their home district and prevent their destinies from being forgotten
  • are symbolic gravestones for those who don’t have a grave
  • are very important for the family members because the suffering of their relatives in Vienna is recognised, acknowledged and being made visible.
  • are a reminder of the Jewish culture and Jewish life

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