Open House - Experience Jewish Vienna

The president of the Jewish Community Vienna (IKG), Oskar Deutsch, is fostering contacts between the Jewish Community and the Viennese population.

Kurier, September 10, 2017

German original:

The rush was substantial; people were waiting in Seitenstettenstrasse to get into the synagogue. It was open house day and the president of the Jewish Community Vienna (IKG), Oskar Deutsch, welcomed everyone. Jews, non-Jews, Catholics, Protestants, and the undenominationals – everybody got together here. The Viennese’s interest in tours of the synagogue was great. „Ask the Rabbi“ was the motto.

The choirmaster’s concert, in which Michael Bünker, the bishop of the Evangelical Church, was participating, marked the highlight on Sunday noon. Chief Rabbi Paul Chaim Eisenberg sang songs about peace and called on everyone „to do more for peace.“ As Chief Cantor Shmuel Barzilai performed, the city temple shook. Barzilai was celebrated like a pop star of Jewish culture. Visitors were also delighted by performances of the Viennese Jewish Choir, directed by Roman Grinberg.

It is not just culture that deepens insights into Jewish life, but also discussions with Jewish youth about „Jewry and Israel,“ as well as information on holidays and religion. For gourmets there were also culinary indulgences. Kosher wine was tasted, and one could enjoy a Wiener Würstel from the kosher buffet.

One highlight was the pop-up gallery, an art exhibit at the Simon Wiesenthal Center at Rabensteig.

IKG – President Deutsch over the past years has succeeded in opening the doors of the Community wide. „He succeeded to delight people for Jewish life,“ said an older lady from Vienna’s Eight District. She hopes that the open house and the concert will be repeated next year. „I will definitely be there.“