Fourteen Memorial Stones in Remembrance of NS Victim in Mödling

Austrian Press Agency (APA) (08/14/2006)

Monument for executed nun, Maria Restituta Kafka

Mödling –Fourteen memorial stones have been laid today in the township of Mödling. According to a latest new broadcast, they are to remind one of the victims of National Socialism and were placed at each of the last residences of those murdered. The project, Stolpersteine (“Stumbling over Stones”), was initiated by the German sculptor, Günter Demnig from Cologne, who was awarded with a medal of honor by the Federal Republic of Germany the previous year.

One of such stones inscribed with the words, “Here Lived” in Mödling was to remind others of Maria Restituta Kafka, who was executed in 1943 and beatified by the Church in 1998. The aim is to commemorate the victims of National Socialism “who were persecuted and murdered out of racist, political or religious reasons.”

Demnig has laid already 7,000 such Stolpersteine in Germany. The first stone memorials in Austria were placed in 1997 for two farmers, Johann and Matthias Nobis from St. Georgen in Salzburg, due to their being conscientious objectors.