From the Beginning...

Photographs by Shai Ginott


IKG Vienna

Shai Ginott was born in Jerusalem in 1958. After  studying biology, she began work at the Isreali Department for Natural Conservation as Director of Photography. Her photographs have been published in several magazines and photo books. Ginott received several distinctions, among them 1st prize at the Intrenational Boo Fair in jerusalem in 1993 for her best-seller "Echoes of a landscape" (1992).

Shai Ginott directs several photography workshops in Insrael. Her work has been shown in several exhibitions, both inside and outside of Israel, including London Tokyo, and now Vienna.

The photographs shown were all shot in Israel - at the Negev, the Medittaeranean coast, Glaiea, See genezareth, as well as on Mount Hermond. Through composition of two photographs on top of each other, she created imaginary scenes that isslutrate passages of the Bible.

The exhibit will be on display at the Library of the Evangelical and Catholic Faculty of Theology at the University of Vienna.

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