The Austrian National Exhibition at Auschwitz-Birkenau

In view of the updated historical assessment of the Austrian role not only as first victim of Hitler’s aggression, but also as the origin of many perpetrators of the Holocaust, the Austrian National Exhibition of 1978 was closed by the Austrian National Fund in October 2013, its objects carefully dismantled and archived in Austria. A detailed documentation of the 1978 exhibition was also published (German only).

After a European tender for the redesign of the Austrian National Exhibition, the project was awarded in April 2014 to a curator's team of academics for their new concept.

For further information on the renovation of the former prisoners' barracks no. 17, the building in which the Austrian National Exhibition was and will be located again, please visit

In the meantime, the team has launched an appeal to the public at large for the contribution on loan of relevant artifacts for the new permanent exhibition: "Far Removed. Austria in Auschwitz".